Warehouse Transport Services, Inc.

Warehouse Transport Services, Inc. (WTS) operates out of two of the Hansen Storage Company's warehouse locations. One is on the northwest side of Milwaukee, which houses various temperature controlled warehousing sections providing warehousing for the grocery industry in Wisconsin and northern Illinois.


The second location for WTS is located on the southeast side of Milwaukee, near the international airport. Retail distribution is performed at this facility providing retail and home delivery to points in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois. This facility is also a bonded facility which houses bonded freight and General Order Customs bonded freight.

The combination of warehouse customers from Hansen Storage Company and cross dock and pool distribution customer has enabled WTS to grow at a steady pace since it was formed in 1993. The company prides itself on working with its customers and continually thinking "outside the box" to solve problems and provide a cost saving solution for its customers. With a more than one hundred-year heritage of service excellence, Warehouse Transport Services customers know that our honor is your guarantee.


We provide door-to-door truckload and detail distribution as well as:

  • Warehouse and Distribution
  • Cross Dock
  • Order Picking
  • Inventory Control
  • Stock Rotation
  • Refrigerated Warehousing and Transportation
  • Document and Record Storage
  • Transloading
  • Railcar Siding
  • Assembly and Consolidation
  • Dedicated Drivers and Equipment
  • Home Delivery
  • LTL and TL
  • Retail Pool Distribution
  • Protective Service
  • Specialized Equipment
  • Spotting Service
  • Grocery Distribution Delivery
  • U.S. Custom Warehouse and General Order Warehouse
  • Lift Gate Service
  • Bonded Carrier
  • Dedicated Drivers

We service Wisconsin, northern Illinois and eastern Minnesota.


Please contact us to learn more about warehouse and transportation options to fit your needs, request a rate quote, email WTS or call at 414-476-9221 or toll-free at 877-821-1440.